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How Do GYROTONIC® Sessions Work?

  • Session Structure:

    • Each GYROTONIC® workout session includes gentle yet progressively challenging exercise sequences. These exercises promote multi-directional and circular movements throughout your body, combined with coordinated breathing patterns.

  • Foundational Movements:

    • In your initial private sessions, you will learn the 4 basic spinal motions. These movements engage your pelvic and abdominal core, helping you distribute muscular energy from your core throughout your entire body.

  • Benefits Over Time:

    • With regular GYROTONIC® sessions, typically over several weeks, your body naturally adapts to an optimal state of flexibility, strength, and vitality. Many clients report feeling significantly stronger, more fluid in their movements, and more energetic even with just 1 to 2 sessions per week.

  • Recommended Frequency:

    • For the first few weeks, it is beneficial to attend 2-3 sessions per week. This frequency helps your body integrate and adapt to the movements. After this initial period, 1 or 2 sessions per week are ideal for ongoing maintenance and further development.

  • Session Duration:​

  • Each GYROTONIC® session lasts for 55 minutes.

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